Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

Plus: I can learn a lot because I can go to the internet, copy and paste some really good important ideas.

Now that I have a net book I can play some online games. But the most important thing about the net book, is that I will have a bigger audience to look at my awesome work.

Minus: The thing that is not good about the net book is when the internet is not working, low batteries and the most hateful thing is when you have to wait for your net book to be repaired.

Interesting: The interesting part about using my net book is that I can go on You Tube, play music, games during break time and doing a lot of home work.

I have learn a lot about using  the net book and how to be cyber smart. Using a net book is cool because you can do a lot of research.


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