Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

Plus: I can learn a lot because I can go to the internet, copy and paste some really good important ideas.

Now that I have a net book I can play some online games. But the most important thing about the net book, is that I will have a bigger audience to look at my awesome work.

Minus: The thing that is not good about the net book is when the internet is not working, low batteries and the most hateful thing is when you have to wait for your net book to be repaired.

Interesting: The interesting part about using my net book is that I can go on You Tube, play music, games during break time and doing a lot of home work.

I have learn a lot about using  the net book and how to be cyber smart. Using a net book is cool because you can do a lot of research.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank You Mr Speaker

Tamaki Intermediate School

80A Tripoli Road



20th September 2012

Molesworth Street 6011


Dear Lock-Wood Smith

Hello my name is Tuuaati, I am a Cook Islander and I am 12 years old.

Thank you Mr Smith for giving up your time to meet us. Thank you giving us more information about what you do and why you do it in the parliament.

When our school Tamaki Intermediate walked over to the Parliament, I was shocked because I had to walk past the guards where they do a security check . It was fun knowing about you. I learned that the Speaker can send out the minister when a minister does not follow the rules of parliament. If the minister refuses to go out, then he or she has to sit out for about ten minutes or maybe the hole session.

You gave us heaps of knowledge about your time-line which was interesting . It was a privilege not a right to visit the parliament. You told us a lot of information that I didn't know.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you.

Yours sincerely


Thursday, 24 May 2012

DARE Reflection

During the DARE Program we learnt about  which drugs were harmful and which drugs  were  the most harmful. We learnt about legal and illegal drugs.. The cop that came was Tina Karaka. She told us that some drugs can help you, but if you miss use it you will be sick or you will die. I learnt about the consequences of taking harmful drugs. You could get a fine  or do community work or be  put in jail. We also saw videos of young people being influenced to  smoke, drink and take drugs. You say no, walk away or ask your friends to get help.